The Preferred PLUS Medical Benefits Program

The Preferred PLUS Medical Benefits Program gives you and your immediate family 24-7-365 access to US Board Certified Doctors and Pediatricians. Avoid time-consuming and costly doctor office, ER and urgent care clinic visits by using your phone, internet or smart device to have a doctor diagnose your condition, recommend treatment and, when necessary, prescribe medication(s).

Your participation in the Preferred PLUS Medical Benefits Program directly supports

the General Scholarship Fund of Christian Brothers High School.

There is no long-term commitment. Enrollment is quick and simple (and so is the benefit to CBHS)!

As long as you maintain your monthly subscription a portion of your payment will go directly to

the CBHS General Scholarship Fund. This fund ensures Christian Brothers High School can help families cover the tuition charged each year. Without these funds CBHS tuition would have to increase very significantly and several families would be prevented from sending their sons to the school.

Today, that includes nearly 25% of our current enrollment.

The Benefits

Just CLICK the benefits below for a brief description, FAQ and a short video (where available)

*Monthly cost does not include 1-time registration fee of $6.95

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