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Now you can help to benefit Christian Brothers High School while avoid germ-filled and time-consuming doctor office, ER and urgent care clinic visits. Over 70% of these are for common conditions can be replaced with a telamedicine consultation. Teladoc and Doctors Online are convenient complements to your primary care physician. Telamedicine can reduce the cost and frequency of in-person consultations. Listed below are just some of the common conditions that may be addressed by Teladoc physicians via phone or video consultation or by Doctors Online Medical Professionals.

• Allergies

• Nausea

• Cold & Flu

• Ear Infection

• Stomach Virus

• Acne

• Sore Throat

• Pink Eye

• Asthma

• Sinus Conditions

• Diabetes

• Constipation

• Hemorrhoids

• Fever

• Vomiting

• Acid Reflux

• High Blood Pressure

• Headache

• Rashes

• Urinary Tract Infections

Telamedicine is easy to use

Telamedicine for the whole family

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5 Reasons for Telamedicine

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